My photographic career began the mid 1970s as a Studio Portrait and Event /Sport Photographer. In 1980’s, I ran a commercial black-and-white lab and worked as a freelance photographer in Sacramento, CA. The 1990’s brought a change to my interests and shifted to Fine Art Nature Photography, Nature Conservation and photographic instruction. My work has been featured in local, regional, national newspapers and galleries, as well as Sunset Magazine, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press and numerous Wildlife Preservation reports. In 2014 I co-authored a book with Jeanne Jackson, "Mendonoma Sightings Throughout The Year” which has received both national and international awards. I am the principal aerial photographer for the California Coastal Monument (CCNM) in our area as well as they ground-based photographer for the CCNM. My work was featured in the promotional Materials for the expansion of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine sanctuary. I am the co-founder of the "Gualala Arts Nature Photography Group" based in Gualala, California.

I enjoy helping people by instructing them in the use of both photography and digital darkroom work, and in the use of the computer to share wit more people.